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What Is Blog And Blogging

After writing an article on the Personal Landing Pages, I received too many emails asking about the difference between Personal Landing Pages, Website and a Blog. Many people also asked how they can earn cash at home using these Online Services. So I thought to re-post an article which I wrote years back with some changes. There are tons of articles available on Internet about Blog / Blogging, but I will try to explain it step by step in multiple articles in my own way. This series of articles about blogging will explain you about the blog, who should do blogging, how to do it and will also explain you where to start it from.
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By the way, to make this topic more interesting, let me tell you that anyone of you can earn good amount of money from your own website / blog without doing any kind of Investment. Yes, you can earn a healthy amount of Cash from your website / blog by just sharing some good and meaningful stuff with everyone. Isn't it exciting, but hey, calm down, don't get too much excited.
Saying is one thing and creating a good website / blog is another. It requires good knowledge, good writing skills, good concept, lot of time, lot of reading and HELL LOT OF PASSION and PATIENCE. All these things together make a Good Blog, but still it's not necessary that it will generate cash for you. Keeping that thing in mind, let me explain you first what really Blog / Blogging is?
What Is A Blog And Blogging?

Nowadays, most of you would have heard a lot about BLOG or BLOGGING and considered it just another type of a website. Actually, the word BLOG is an abbreviation of “WEBLOG” and to make it easy for you to understand, it's more like a Personal Diary Writing. You know there are few people who always write a note at the end of the day in a personal diary, about what they did whole day and how it went. Blogging is almost the same thing in which you can write the updates about yourself, technology news, general stuff on a daily basis and the article are arranged on the Internet in a reverse chronological order (means from the latest date to old)

It’s not a new thing or concept, Blogs are here for more than 10 years now. It’s a way to communicate with people, tell them what you know about or want to share with them. While browsing the Internet, you often do not know if you are looking at a blog or at a traditional Website. But it doesn't matter what it is, they are both designed to do the same thing, which is to share the information with the public / audience.

In the beginning, blogs were used as a personal diary or a journal and people were sharing their daily routines and works with their friends and community on the Internet. Still many of my friends do that, they simply write their whole day routine on the Internet, some of them writes about politics in general and than many people leave their comments / remarks on their articles. It's like sharing of thoughts with the rest of the world / community.
Blogs Nowadays
But people who think more (smart people), took the idea and converted these blog in their own way using the same technology. Now there are 1000s of 1000s professional blogs available on the Internet related to News, Computers, Bio-Chemistry etc., you name it and you will get the blog about it. You just have to think the way you want to use your blog and share the information with the world. If the idea clicked, you can then earn good amount of cash from it. (But it depends on many factors which we will talk about in the future)

Many blogs are focused on a particular subject or topic  such as General News, Computer tips n tricks, Internet news etc., while others are a combination of multiple subjects. If it’s not your personal blog, than to increase the viewership or to have a discussion on multiple topics, you can ask others to write on your blog and that way your blog will then have multiple Authors, each writing on the different topics altogether like sports, technology, photography, etc. It's really a good idea if a group of friends make one blog and then each person writes something in which he has good expertise.

It’s really not a big deal to write a blog about anything, because it doesn’t require any kind of technical expertise (at least for a basic blog). If you are passionate enough about sharing the information with the world, then there are websites (free) which give you enough services to fulfill your desire. Blogging can be fun, especially if you like reading, writing and talking about your favorite subject with the rest of the world. Believe me, It is a great stress reliever (but you need to take lots of stress in order to run a good professional blog as well). Most of all, there is no limitation in having a number of blogs. You can have multiple blogs with multiple topic discussions.

Layout Of Typical Blog
Most of the blogs will look something like as shown below:

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And you will find following things at least on their pages:

1. The topics will be arranged date vise. The newest will be on top.
2. On your left or right hand side, there will be an Archive Area where you can search for old articles.
3. Below every post or article, there will be an area where other people can comment on your post
4. A feed section like RSS or Atom for easy follow-up. (Read here : What is RSS)
5. A social bookmarking icons (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for easy follow-up.

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